Reaching the Mantle Frontier Workshop
(Subject to Change)

Day one – Thursday September 9, 2010
13:00-13:30Introduction/Opening remarks/Meeting goals
                       (Kiyoshi Suyehiro, Jesse Ausubel and Russell Hemley)
13:30- 15:00    Deep Carbon Observatory overview (Robert Hazen, Connie Bertka and Erik Hauri)
15:20-15:40Oceanic Moho and Mantle - what we learned from recent active source seismic studies
                       (Shuichi Kodaira)
15:40-16:00Kanazawa Mohole meeting summary and Mohole history (Benoit Ildefonse)
16:00-17:00Keynote address - Drilling the MOHOLE - More Difficult than Landing Men on the Moon?"
                       (Donald Beattie)
17:00-20:00Reception and dinner

Day two – Friday September 10, 2010
07:00-08:45     Breakfast at Carnegie Institution
08:45-09:15Linking in-situ information to global and planetary scale processes. Uses and limitations
                       and why is in-situ sampling useful (Donna Blackman)
09:15-09:45Global chemical cycles and relation to mantle dynamics/petrological processes (Yoshiuki Tatsumi)
9:45-10:00  Break
10:00-10:30Microbiology – extent of life (Matt Schrenk)
10:30-11:00Deep energy, environment and climate (Peter Kelemen)
11:00-12:00Breakout sessions
1- Mantle and global chemical cycles (chairs: Erik Hauri and Matthew Jackson)
         2- Mantle dynamics, from petrophysics to large scale imaging
             (chairs: Jason Phipps Morgan and Donna Blackman)
3- Deep energy and life (Chairs: Matt Schrenk, others TBN)
13:00-13:45     Lunch
13:00-13:45Continue breakout sessions
13:45-14:45Plenary Session – Results of breakout
15:00-16:00Discussion on outcome of previous MoHole planning workshops- Science and Sites - Links to DCO
                       (Chair:   Benoit Ildefonse)
16:00-17:00Discussion of results from previous workshop – Rationale and requirements – Links to DCO
                       (chair: Eric Hellebrand)

Day three – Saturday September 11, 2010
07:00-08:45     Breakfast at Carnegie Institution
08:45-9:45  Present technological capabilities and limitations and discussion (Greg Myers: Ocean Leadership)
09:45-1000 Break
10:00-10:20Drilling Fluid technology (Michael Freeman: MI-SWACO)
10:20-10:40     Riserless Mud Recovery technology for deep holes in deep water                   
                       (John Cohen: AGR Drilling Services)
10:40-11:00Self-sinking capsules to investigate Earth's interior (Michael I. Ojovan: Sheffield University)
11:00-11:20Sub sea equipment manipulation (Larry Karl: Oceaneering)
11:20-11:40Blow out preventors and sea floor isolation devices (John Kotrla:  Cameron)
11:40-12:00Managing the project- cost, timeline, resources (John Thorogood: Drilling Global Consultants LLC)
13:00-14:30Implementation BREAKOUT (break available during breakout at 14:00)
1- Funding (chair: TBN)
2- Technical (operations and engineering, milestones and road mapping (chair: TBN)
14:30-15:30Plenary Session - Capture consensus items (chair: Yoshiuki Tatsumi)
15:30-17:00Path forward